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MGS Industries means

The MGS Industries company has dynamic human resources and high quality material to match its projects. All these material and human resources allow us to offer a wide range of quality products with respect to deadlines.

Key numbers

1200m² de surface d'atelier

1200 m²

Of workshop surface

160 m² de bureaux

160 m²

of Office space

10 salariés travaillent pour MGS Industries

10 000 m²

Of non-slip plates / year

The equipment

Press brakes LVD PPS 200/30

Wirecutter Guifil 3m

Laser cutting LVD Axel 2.5 kw 1500x3000

Production capacities

3 lignes de production


Production lines

1 cabine de lavage


Washing cabin

1 cabine de peinture


Paint booth

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